Carl Eder: I’ve Done Enough Time

Carl Eder’s disappearance is slightly different from most of the cases I’ve researched for in that we know why he vanished because of a note that he left at the Tehachapi California State Prison from which he simply walked away in 1974.

I’ve done enough time and I’m leaving.

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Kelly Kay McGinnis

The last reported sighting of Kelly (Keli) Kay McGinnis was on June 28, 1983 around 7:30 p.m. in the vicinity of the Three Bears Motel in Des Moines, Washington. While Kelly’s remains have never been recovered, serial killer Gary Ridgway (of the Green River murders) claimed responsibility for viciously snuffing out her brief life.



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Vanished With a Killer: Judith Ann Brown

Judith Ann Brown was nineteen years old when she was last seen on April 6, 1977 with Richard E. Reisenberg, a man housed at Queens’ Creedmoor Psychiatric Center after murdering his wife and young son in 1971.

judith brown 2

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