Carol Batterman: From Bus Stop To Obscurity


On May 31, 1958 nineteen-year-old Carol Ann Hlavac and her husband of two weeks, Dennis, were living in an Oklahoma motel.  Originally from Chicago suburb, the couple moved to Moore, Oklahoma where Dennis was stationed at Norman’s  Naval Air Training Center. Boarding at the Crown Motel was only temporary while they looked for more suitable housing closer to the naval base.

Dennis last saw his wife when he left for work shortly before midnight on May 30. He drove their car to the training base and Carol was to catch a bus into town the next afternoon for a house-hunting excursion.

The olive-skinned, freckle-faced new bride dressed in a beige suit and high heels complimented by her gold and black class ring and wedding band, perhaps excited at the prospect of finding new grounds in which to plant roots. She grabbed her small white purse which only contained about $35 and walked fifteen feet to the bus stop by the highway.

Carol never caught that bus.


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