Ila Veronica Maynard


Ila “Veronica” Tucker Maynard disappeared from Greensboro, North Carolina on December 4, 1974. When the seventeen-year-old was last seen leaving her father’s house in a gold 1971 Nova she was wearing clothing typical for the time period: platform shoes, a Cleopatra coat, and blue pants.

Of course those details might only be helpful if remnants of fabric were found along with human remains, as the opinion of the family and authorities appears to be that Veronica passed away decades ago.


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Betty Marie Roberts and The Mysterious Stranger

On November 3, 1959 29-year-old Betty Marie Roberts of Charlotte, North Carolina informed her sister Louise that she and photographer Charles Wegman were leaving town together without her two young daughters.

The last words Betty heard from her sister’s angry lips would haunt Louise Doane for the rest of her life. “If you walk out, you’re not my sister. Don’t ever come back.
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Leila & Mary Rachel Bryan

On May 10, 1941 36-year-old Leila Lewis Bryan and her four-year-old daughter Mary Rachel left their Raleigh Avenue address in Carolina Beach around 9:00 p.m. on a shopping trip. They never arrived at their destination and to this day no trace of the pair or the family’s 1935 Ford Coupe has ever been found.

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