Carl Eder: I’ve Done Enough Time

Carl Eder’s disappearance is slightly different from most of the cases I’ve researched for in that we know why he vanished because of a note that he left at the Tehachapi California State Prison from which he simply walked away in 1974.

I’ve done enough time and I’m leaving.

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Flora Rebecca Ligon

Sometime in the spring or fall of 1956 Flora Ligon (42) retrieved an undisclosed amount of money from her hiding place underneath the linoleum flooring at her Washington, D.C. home. She told her 8-year-old daughter that she planned to go to a store, a seemingly routine event.

Flora’s family didn’t know at the time that they would never see her again.

Image Source: The Doe Network
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Betty Marie Roberts and The Mysterious Stranger

On November 3, 1959 29-year-old Betty Marie Roberts of Charlotte, North Carolina informed her sister Louise that she and photographer Charles Wegman were leaving town together without her two young daughters.

The last words Betty heard from her sister’s angry lips would haunt Louise Doane for the rest of her life. “If you walk out, you’re not my sister. Don’t ever come back.
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