Carl Eder: I’ve Done Enough Time

Carl Eder’s disappearance is slightly different from most of the cases I’ve researched for in that we know why he vanished because of a note that he left at the Tehachapi California State Prison from which he simply walked away in 1974.

I’ve done enough time and I’m leaving.

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Ila Veronica Maynard


Ila “Veronica” Tucker Maynard disappeared from Greensboro, North Carolina on December 4, 1974. When the seventeen-year-old was last seen leaving her father’s house in a gold 1971 Nova she was wearing clothing typical for the time period: platform shoes, a Cleopatra coat, and blue pants.

Of course those details might only be helpful if remnants of fabric were found along with human remains, as the opinion of the family and authorities appears to be that Veronica passed away decades ago.


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Marie Elizabeth Spannhake

Marie “Marliz” Spannhake had only been living in Chico, California for a month or so, having relocated from Cleveland, Ohio in December 1975. The nineteen-year-old was poised for a new beginning far from her hometown, employed as a part-time model at a camera shop while cohabitating with her fiance, John Baruth.

On January 31, 1976 Marie and John visited an indoor flea market and at some point an argument ensued. Marie left her partner on foot from the Eagles Hall, but being unfamiliar with the area would have to rely on the kindness of strangers for directions.

John reported her disappearance to authorities on February 2 when she failed to return home. Her personal belongings were untouched, making it unlikely that she packed up and moved out after the incident at the flea market.

Charges were never filed in connection with Marie’s disappearance despite a confession from a woman claiming she and her husband murdered the young woman and disposed of her remains.

Note: This entry contains graphic details and links that might be difficult for some readers.


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Ethel Louise Atwell

Forty-seven-year-old Ethel Atwell pulled into the parking lot at the Staten Island Development Center (previously the Willowbrook State School) around 6:00 a.m. on October 24, 1978. She was expected for her shift as a therapist’s assistant.

Two women inside the building heard screaming across from Building #47 and contacted the security department. Wendy Zatwarnicki in Building #48 reported that she heard a woman yelling, “Don’t beat me, don’t beat me.

A different version claims witnesses overheard a male saying, “Come on, come on” and a woman replied, “No, you’ll beat me!”

Nearly thirty-eight years later no one knows for sure what happened to Ethel.

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Lucinda Lynn Schaefer

While most missing persons cases I’ve read so far belong to people who present complete mysteries, there are some known to have met with a tragic demise and the only missing puzzle piece is the location of the physical shell left behind.

Such is the case of 16-year-old Lucinda “Cindy” Lynn Schaefer, who disappeared on June 24, 1979 while walking home from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Torrance, California.

Note: This entry contains graphic content.

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