Andrea “Fish” Altiery

Andrea “Fish” Altiery was twenty-four years old when she was last seen on December 2, 1981 while en route to a late night photo shoot with an unidentified male at Anchorage, Alaska’s Boniface Mall.

While no body has ever been located, the prevailing theory is that Andrea was murdered by serial killer Robert Hansen. Hansen, dubbed “The Butcher Baker” was sentenced in 1984 for taking the lives of seventeen women, the majority of whom were prostitutes or dancers. The exact number of women that he raped and/or murdered is unknown.

Andrea, who danced under the stage name “Enchantment,” would have been directly in Hansen’s line of fire at the height of his spree. Among the other trophies Hansen collected from his victims was Andrea’s custom-made fish necklace.

1979, Source: Nat. Missing Persons Directory

Demographics at the time of Andrea’s disappearance:
Height: 5’4″-5’6″Weight: 115-125 lbs.
Hair: Brown, which she wore medium to long
Eyes: Brown

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