Kelly Kay McGinnis

The last reported sighting of Kelly (Keli) Kay McGinnis was on June 28, 1983 around 7:30 p.m. in the vicinity of the Three Bears Motel in Des Moines, Washington. While Kelly’s remains have never been recovered, serial killer Gary Ridgway (of the Green River murders) claimed responsibility for viciously snuffing out her brief life.




When she vanished, Kelly was an eighteen-year-old who ran away from home and became involved in prostitution sometime after being raped at 13 by a group of young men. By 1983 she had given birth to two children with her pimp, Raphael Wilson. Her oldest child, a son, was placed up for adoption and her four-month-old daughter had been in a foster home after Kelly was incarcerated for prostitution. She intended to retrieve her daughter after her release, but went missing before the reunion.

Wilson was the person who reported her missing to the authorities two days after last seeing her.

Ridgway allegedly first solicited Kelly in February 1983 and on that occasion police pulled over the pair in his truck near Sunset Junior High School. Kelly, who frequently used aliases, told the officer that her name was Jennifer Kauffman and they were allowed to go about their business.

During Ridgway’s confession he claimed that he picked up Kelly again in June, killed her, and disposed of her body near Lake Fenwick. Between Ridgway’s propensity for dishonesty and the lack of evidence to corroborate his claims about Kelly he was never formally charged in connection with her disappearance.


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