Pinky Redman & Michael Griffin

Donnis Marie “Pinky” Redman (14/15) and her boyfriend Michael James Griffin (18) were reportedly last seen together on March 1, 1958. Depending on the source they were either spotted for the last time in their hometown, San Pedro, California or in Las Vegas where some say they had traveled to elope.


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griffin_michael 1958
1950 Michael Griffin, 1958

This is one of those frustrating cases where speculation far outnumbers the facts, despite the efforts of other researchers who’ve looked into the matter extensively over the years.

The only concrete trace of the pair following their departure was the discovery of Michael’s abandoned 1950 or 1951 Dodge Clipper in Williams, Arizona a few days later. The distance between Las Vegas and Williams is between 200-300 miles and geographically the area provides ample space along highways and in national parks where people (dead or alive) could be hidden.

There is no evidence that Donnis and Michael ever married or reasons detailed about why the pair would’ve chosen to elope. I was also unable to find any newspaper coverage about the case.

A set of unclothed female skeletal remains were retrieved from an area near the Grand Canyon National Park in October 1958. Authorities estimated that she had been in that area for nine to fourteen months and listed as “Little Miss X.” Authorities found clothing in the area later, items which wouldn’t have fit Little Miss X. A nail file case, etched with the letters, “P.R.” found with the clothing raised the possibility that the body was Donnis, but she was eventually excluded. Little Miss X’s identity still remains unknown.

In 2010 an Arizona detective filed a motion to exhume and test unidentified skeletal remains that had been found in 2001 in the attic of a funeral home and later buried in a local pauper’s grave. The detective had a hunch that the skeleton might be Micheal Griffin, but DNA comparisons proved otherwise.

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