Flora Rebecca Ligon

Sometime in the spring or fall of 1956 Flora Ligon (42) retrieved an undisclosed amount of money from her hiding place underneath the linoleum flooring at her Washington, D.C. home. She told her 8-year-old daughter that she planned to go to a store, a seemingly routine event.

Flora’s family didn’t know at the time that they would never see her again.

Image Source: The Doe Network

There is very little information about Flora’s life or disappearance and the available details only generate more questions.

She had a history of alcoholism and sometimes used the following aliases: Flora White, Flora Green(e), and Dan.

Her family believed she may have gone to Greenville or Clemson in South Carolina or to Trenton, New Jersey. Who she knew in those areas or why she would’ve chosen South Carolina or New Jersey is a mystery.

I wasn’t able to find out with whom Flora and her child lived, her marital status, or the names of any relatives. Her family may not have been initially alarmed when she didn’t return from the store because there isn’t an exact date for her disappearance, only a two-season window.

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